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What our Community is saying!

"I loved my experience with Challenger Baseball! Getting the opportunity to help those amazing ids get the chance to enjoy the game I love was a blast. Not to mention the msiles it put on all of our faces. It was a great chance to give back to the community after seeing all the support they give us as a team. I can't wait till we can do it again."
-Chase Cracraft

"I wish everyone had the opportunity to be a par of Challenger Baseball. It's about so much more than baseball and playing the game. It's about accepting someone else for the unique person they are, and helping them shine! I helped with challenger for 6 years, and it was one of the most influential and formulating eperiences in my life" - John Beaudrie (CMU Baseball)

"Being involved with Challenger Baseball was one of the most memorable parts of being a student athlete. The friendships and experiences we shared with the Challenger athletes are something i'll never forget. I would encourage any student athlete at Colorado Mesa to get involved and do it with all their heart"
- Josh Shapiro (CMU Baseball)

“ I love this. Thanks. The seeker has solitude, but not everyone disturbs it The body of suffering is full of fear. I am fully satisfied and would recommend buying from them as they have made my life so much easier :)”

“ It was an absolute pleasure working with them. They are the best, Highly Recommended! ”

“ I love this. Thanks. The seeker has solitude. I am fully satisfied and would recommend buying from them as they have made my life so much easier :)”

"Challenger Baseball is an adaptive baseball program..."

Challenger Baseball is an adaptive baseball program which was introduced by Little league and then initiated by Monument Little League in 1997 for individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities. The original founders of this program were Rick Topper, Bill Rohr, and Walt Bargman among others. In the years that followed, Challenger would grow under the leadership of Carma Brown and Kelli Hamilton.

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"The rest is history."

After spending the first year operating and establishing Challenger Baseball GJ, Monument Little League understood that there would have to be some changes needed if Challenger Baseball was going to have the opportunity to flourish. It was only a natural transition for Carma to be offered the position of Director for the local Challenger program since she had already been involved and had established rapport with Monument Little League already. Carma had to decide what the fate of Challenger would be in the next year, when she faced a new, overwhelming challenge.

After long days and a lot of phone calls, Carma was able to acquire support for Challenger with "buddies", providing the children with a way to play in their second year of their program. Despite all odds, Carma managed to pull through and achieved a successful year two, thanks to the promise that was kept to the children and their parents. "Be here, and I'll make sure you'll have buddies this year."

It became evident at this point that if she was going to be able to survive for a long period of time, she was going to need some assistance. It was at this point that Kelli was offered a position of director as well. Kelli had spent some time volunteering as a Challenger coach and it was clear she was the right person to help carry the load. 20 years later and the rest is history.

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